Les Fleurs Duo

Launched in Boston, United States in 2013. French violist Benjamin Beck and Taiwanese pianist Han-Wen Yu have been ceaselessly playing together since they met in the New England Conservatory (NEC) in Boston where they studied with Kim Kashkashian and Jonathan Feldman. As soon as they began working, Han-Wen and Benjamin started playing numerous times in various places in their city, among which the Pierce Hall and the Williams Hall in the NEC, or the Symphony Hall. Having success, they were soon invited abroad, to the Konzer Sommerkonzerte in Germany, as guest artists. Their performance of Schumann’s "Märchenbilder" op. 113 there was described as "a wonderfully moving and expressive interpretation" in the Friesischer Volksfreund. Les Fleurs duo played in Haus Beda in Bitburg, and the Kloster Karthaus Konz. They have concerts planned for the following season in Berlin, Leipzig, Bremen, Paris and other cities in Europe. One day in Boston, Benjamin was told that he looked like a flower when he played the viola, and that’s how the name of this duo came out. However, Han-Wen doesn't consider herself as a pretty flower, but as an insectivore one.


They moved together from Boston to Berlin by the end of summer 2013. Now they are living in Berlin and planning "Music for Food" concert series, which originally formed by Kim Kashkashian in Boston, USA. 

Media by Les Fleurs

Enesco, G - Konzertstück (concert piece)

Benjamin Britten - Lachrymae